About Us

About Baby Cakes
At Baby Cakes we help Parents all over the world achieve the perfect affordable wardrobe for their growing baby.  Our goal is to ensure that your baby can enjoy comfortable and affordable clothes as they grow. As a new mom, HealthCare frontline worker, and social media Beauty and Life influencer! Yes I’m still ALIVE!! I know first hand how challenging it could be to find comfortable and affordable clothes for my baby. That is why I created Baby Cakes, I wan to change that for new hard working moms.
Our Mission
Our mission here at Baby Cakes is to make it easy for new moms, working moms, busy moms, families all over the world,  and you - to find affordable cute outfits for your growing baby! We know how important your baby is to you and we assure you they are just as important to us! We want you and your baby to always look your best!
Our Motto